Article-best places to buy yarn online


I think its on there already, but I recently discovered LoveCrafts and I can’t wait to order a bunch of yarn now that I’ve finally worked through my stash! :grin: Its so hard to find yarn anywhere other than Michaels and Walmart in Canada. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I also live in Canada, but the closest Michael’s and one lys are two hours away, so online shopping is how I have to shop. Knit Picks and Love Crafts have decent yarn and have free shipping with a minimum order. International shipping and the exchange rate can quickly wipe out decent prices. Les Laines Biscotte in Québec has excellent hand dyed yarn. :blush:


Yes! I live in Toronto now so going to Michael’s isn’t as much of a struggle anymore. When I lived rurally they were all an hour away so I wasn’t able to get there that often. Unfortunately, I find Michael’s inventory can be lacking sometimes. :sweat_smile: