assigning testers

Hi! Check out these two resources:

Just to clarify though specifically as per your question - you can do three things to assign testers:

  1. Assign testers for all your patterns. This is best for a trusted person, for example someone you know and that has tested for you multiple times before.
  2. Let people apply using a tester call. When you submit a tester call on the community (using the testing icon in your shop) people can simply click to apply. You can find all applications on your shop manager and approve or reject applications.
  3. You can also copy a link from your shop (using the testing icon in your shop) and send it directly to people. This way as they click it, you’ll get an application from them which you can approve via your shop manager.

Any application approved will give access to that tester, via their patterns library.
However, you are ALWAYS in control. You can remove testers which will take away the pattern from their library. You can also limit their view to just some sections of the pattern, and open up more as they test.