Available Tester 😊

Hello friends,

I saw some others do this, so I figured I would just add my name to the hat of available testers! I’m Meisha, and you can find me on IG at opalescentmei, but I’m not super active there presently.

While I predominantly work with crochet and would consider myself newly intermediate or an adventurous beginner (especially with garments), I have a beginner’s knowledge of knitting, as well. However, I am generally a quick study with concepts I don’t understand. That is all just to say: I am open to testing for both knitting and crochet and feel I would be especially useful for anyone trying to test for beginner accessibility for knit projects or garment crochet!

I have a lot of free time right now, so I figured why not help people out while I can. I’m open to testing for amigurumi/toys, housewares, accessories, clothing (XL-2XL, usually, 45" 38" 46", for those looking for more size inclusivity), and whatever else you might want to throw my way!

I love to encourage designers and fellow creators, so hopefully I can bring that energy to your project if you decide to have me! My goal is to have your projects done ASAP, and I journal frequently throughout the process to let you know my thoughts. I’m happy to accommodate to whatever feedback methods work best for you, however.

Regardless, I just want to send a huge shout out and lots of warmth to all the designers out there who share their creations with us. We are so grateful for your hard work and your vision! It’s a delight to be able to create alongside you and work on your projects.

Hope all are having a most wonderful day, and if not, I hope things look up soon. ^.^

P.S.: Feel free to email me sleepyfrogstitches@gmail.com if you have any questions; I check my email regularly!


Thank you for your availability!


:rofl: Happily!


Highly recommend working with @sleepyfrogstitches !! She has recently finished testing my upcoming crochet pattern and I cannot say enough positive things! Super clear communication, speedy stitching, and provides insightful feedback.

So happy I was able to connect with you here Meisha! Thank you again for all your help! :two_hearts:


Aww Nadine, this is so darn sweet! Thank you so much. :pleading_face: I appreciate the acknowledgment and the kind words.:relaxed:

It was an honor to work on one of your designs; you’ve been great at answering questions and accommodating the pattern accordingly. It’s really amazing to see how thoughtful and professional you have been with the whole process, from the organization of the group to thoroughness of the pattern to fielding inquiries and gently encouraging testers - I can genuinely say it has been a pleasure to work with you!

I’m so happy our paths crossed here, as well, and I hope we will get a chance to work together again in the future!


Aww thank you so much @sleepyfrogstitches :hearts: Your kind words truly mean so much! Sending you virtual hugs!! :hugs: :two_hearts: