Awesome journals made by you in June! πŸ““

You have created so many beautiful journals this June!
Here are just a few picks of journals we came across and absolutely loved. :purple_heart:

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Willow Tee

Pattern by @jaimecreates, lovely journal by @zitus

Birds of a feather

Pattern by @KornflakeStew, amazing journals by @Teresa1710 and @lxssadm

Mini Market Harvest Bag

Pattern by @HookedByMarilyn, awesome journal by @MintyTea.

Oversized Hexagonal Crop Top

Beautiful journal by @Manysmallmangos

Empath Scarf

Pattern by @Bohemianheartknits, incredible journal @TexasPurl

Ice Cream Bear

Pattern by @crittercrochet15, yummy journal by @ZippyNightmare

Little Cat

Pattern by @StellasYarnUniverse, kitty by @NessasKnots

Bluebell Bucket Hat

Pattern by @Milla96, gorgeous journal by @Cookie898

Steve the Strawberry

Pattern by @StellasYarnUniverse, Little strawberry by @alyssalahti

Mini Manatee

Pattern by @ClaireKnots, cute journal by @migraineartist

The New Granny Crochet Square Skirt

Pattern by @TheDreamCrochet, colorful skirt by @Sgorman

Hey Duggee

Pattern by @anon20794657, excellent work & journal by @Junnie

Bubble Bae Bag

Pattern by @TheUnraveller, stunning journal by @Tahsinaa

Crochet Axolotl

Pattern by @madebymaiii, journal by @Its_jenifer

EDS Awareness Zebra Jellyfish Crochet

Pattern by @Charliseyscrochetcloset, pattern by @Stephie7711

Share more of your favorite journals below! :point_down:


Amazing journals and FOs!


Oh hey that’s me! :exploding_head: I really enjoyed making that top! Unfortunately it turned out way too big! I’m playing with the idea of picking it apart and taking out a few rows and putting it back together.