Baby Bears Balloon Blanket: Crochet pattern | Ribblr

So excited to start my second one of these little bears at the weekend. I’m going to make this one in different colours

This is my first pattern and so far I’ve only had one sale.

Is there anyone who writes a lot of patterns who is willing to give advice about how best to market yourself? How do customers find you etc?

Thank you


Congrats on the pattern release - it looks very cute!
Your pattern will be automatically promoted to people who will love it on the platform although we’re sure some designers here will have some great marketing tips!


I use Instagram - there I have found alot of crafty friends who share the same passion as me. I have found process pics is very good “teasers” for a pattern. I think it is because my followers is more familiar, and will be remined of the pattern more than once. -I post maybe 2-3 process pictures and then a final “The pattern is out” post. Sometimes the pattern does kinda well, sometimes the pattern is not a succes. Just keep trying and keep finding something YOU want to do :heart:


Thank you for replying. I am on Instagram, but don’t have too many followers yet. , l also didn’t really do teasers so that’s really good advice

In positive news Thanks to the new features on ribblr I’ve now made my C2C graph able to show progress so that’s good news.