Baby Blanket Question

Hi y’all.
I have a question about a baby blanket. My sister in law would love me to make a baby blanket for my 7 month old nephew. I’ve never made a blanket and not sure which yarn would be best and then what kind of stitch would be best. We also want to add his name in the blanket.
Thank you so much. This will also be my first blanket.


For yarn, Im thinking Bernat Baby Blanket would be good. Its tested for harmful substances and it does not shred
There are multiple blanket patterns. Have you searched Yarnspirations? (They even have free patterns in here) :slight_smile:


make sure you check any yarn for shedding, those tiny fibers can fill the nose and mouth and clump when wet and clog the breathing passages of a child under the age of 3, and unless you are really good at securing and weaving the ends, you may want to stick to solid designs and not motifs with magic circles and sewing.
other than that, you want to make sure that it will hold up to lots of washing!


I like Premier Yarn.

One thing to keep in mind for infants, toddlers, and skin sensitive children is: the Okeo-Tex standard

Which means that yarns have passed the highest standard, suitable for direct contact with the most sensitive skin, even babies and small children.

They have been tested for over 350 harmful substances by independent laboratories, and certified NOT to contain harmful levels of irritants, allergens or carcinogens.

Here’s a list of Premier Yarns that are certified….

Personally , I’ve switched from acrylic to anti-pilling acrylic.