Believing in the price of your makes

Does anyone else struggle to price their finished items in case the person buying doesn’t want to pay that much?

I know I could take a deposit first or the money up from but I don’t know how long it will take and how it will come out.

Crafters who make personalised crochet how much do you base your hourly rate?


welcome to ribblr! yes, i do struggle with this :sob: i actually stopped selling my plushes for a while because i was selling plushes that took over 4 hours for 20 bucks-


I am working on market prep and I really just go with what feels right. I try to make simpler things in order to keep the prices down.


My base hourly rate is $10-12.
I add an extra fee for custom commissions, and I try to give them somewhat of an estimate of what the price will be.
In my experience, if someone reaches out to you for a commission and you give them a price range they will pay.
I’ve had over ten people seriously consider buying a dragon I have priced at $110


i also stuggle with pricing. everyone says i undercharge but i feel bad charging more than $25 max