Benefits of sharing others work!!


Very good points! :smile:


I’m not so sure on the Instagram algorithm since you can’t easily share from the original creator’s post, but otherwise I agree :black_heart::black_heart:

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Stories are part of algorithms! When you share someone’s post to your story it’s helps the algorithm. I’m a digital marketer haha


Edit: i realized sharing and posting are different lmao. Also i shortned it cus i was redundant

Of course post with consent of the artist. I personally would hate anyone posting any of my work; that’s why I’m weary of sharing and only share a small portion of my art.

I hate big art accounts that just post thousands of other people’s work and dont make their own art. A big pet peeve of mine are descriptions saying “message me if you see your art and want it taken down”… this means they didnt ask. It’s a lot harder for artists to look for their work, than to just say “no” when asked.

Idk, i just think that it’s fine with a group of friends or team, but not from people you dont know. You dont know what their goals or ideals are when it comes to their work


When I say share I mean sharing to story, and sharing to Facebook or reposting! Not taking someone’s work as their own! Or posting to their actual account! The share button on each platform has many different options how to share and credit others work! Which provides a hyperlink to that artists account


That sentiment is also detailed in my instagram post!


Oh, i didnt know that was a thing outside of twitter. Ill admit i thought you meant reposting at first, thanks for explaing.

I personally dont care to grow my account; i just want to have a place to keep my stuff. But, I know a lot of people would love that and it would help them out a lot. And all the stuff in the post is true about growing the community.

Also, no hard feelings, i didnt mean this at u; i just felt it was relevent to bring up. sorry for the mix up


No no ur totally fine! I can see how it was confusing!! I like to share others posts on my story on instagram so more crochet accts can find others! I love building the crochet community! To find others that have the same interests I do is all!