Best Chenille yarn?


What chenille yarn is best and doesn’t crumble when you make a magic ring? I’m trying to make a memorial piece and it’s adding a bit of mental defeat when I don’t need it given the subject lol

I have a Michael’s, a Joanns, and my last resort will always be hobby lobby but at this rate I’ll do it.

Thank you :heart:


I dont know of a specific yarn that doesnt get messed up with a magic ring, but i just saw a post with a great tip:

Hope this helps a bit! Also i peraonally just make my stitches loose and gently tighten the ring every few stitches i make


I’ll have to give that a try for sure!


I have the best luck with Bernat blanket and premier parfait chunky. Sweet snuggles lite at Michael’s tends to lose fluff more easily than my other chenille yarn. Himalaya Dolphin Baby is always my favorite but I order from Amazon, I’m not sure if its sold in US stores. It is very similar to the premier parfait yarn though.

If my MR is going to break, its usually because the slst before the first SC (or whatever stich your pattern calls for) in the MR was too tight for the fluffy yarn to pull through and not take the fluff with it/snap the yarn.


There’s really no chenille yarn that doesn’t crumble when making a magic ring, unfortunately.
There are different techniques you can try though!
I use the chain one personally. (Chain 2, put all your stitches into the 2nd chain from your hook)
There’s also one where you make the ring out of acrylic and then attach your chenille.
It’s just personal preference


I know this is also totall strange but if the big brands don’t cut it, I’ve seen Walmarts mainstays come out with some weirdly good yarn lately? But I haven’t tried the chenille they make so I’m curious if anyone’s made that.

I also know pioneer woman made some Sherpa in some interesting colors too.


Some shed worse than others I’ve tried
Sweet snuggles, chunky parfait premier, and a brand name from a Canadian shop( shed the worst ) so I won’t buy from her again. To me the least shed was the first two. I haven’t tried dolphin, or hobbii brand yet.
Here’s another trick though use a lighter to heat seal the end after cutting it.
Plus the worsted for the magic circle trick.


I find, personally, Hobbii to be the hardest to MR. But between premier and michaels, i usually have an easier time with michaels. That could just be since I work with it the most.

Always make sure to leave the starting ch 1. A little loose and it can make closing the ring much easier!


I’m starting to think my issue is the starting ch1 is far too tight, I usually work with acrylic and make blankets and my current project is a purse, so this is all such good info. It’s been a learning week for me and amigurumi for sure.