Best crochet essentials!

Hiiiii so I’m getting serious with my crochet and am thinking of treating myself to some useful things. I mostly crochet plushies with blanket yarn, so anything for that would be useful! Thx sooo much!


one of my essentials is felt :flushed: i love felt and making cute little faces with it. i have a leather hole punch that cuts small circles ! i’ve made a few plushies and glue the felt details on :heart_hands:


This Stanwood large 10 oz ball winder is my absolute favorite treat.
I couldn’t post the link for some reason??? Make sure it is the large, 10 oz size, especially if you use blanket yarn. It is so nice for the leftover skeins, keeping them organized. I had a smaller cheaper one and I would not recommend them at all. I would buy more yarn first. :wink:


If you don’t have them already, look up some quality hooks/ergonomic hooks and maybe some compression gloves. Crocheting can be very tough on the hands and wrists after all :slight_smile:
Also something that I’ve heard others use is some kind of gadget that presses down the backside of safety eyes, making it much easier to do, so if you make a lot of plushies it might be something to look into!


Big needles! I buy a big pack that comes with stitch markers as well on Amazon :slight_smile:


Stitch markers! It can be scrap yarn, or anything big enough to mark your stitches


Get a lot, and I mean a LOT of stuffing, blanket yarn plushies will use it up so quickly

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Oh yeh that’s the one thing I’ve got sorted! A whole KG of stuffing!

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