Best Crochet Hook Sets

I know it’s a little early to be talking about Christmas. But does anyone have a certain crochet hook set they have been eying lately? I’ve always wanted to try furls. And hand carved wooden hooks as well. I want to know some brand names to give my husband an idea of what I want this year. :joy:


Depends if you want inline or tapered hooks.

Furls does not make any true inline hooks. If you like tapered they’re great. I recommend the odyssey for any project that has long repeats i. e. Blankets, scarves, shawls.
The streamline is good, but ones smaller than H tend to break, my G broke where the hook is shortly after I received it.
Other tapered is Tulip and Clover which are too short for my long hands. There’s Boye, which I can’t stand, too plasticy for me.
I’ve never tried the others so can’t tell you about them.

I like the metal hooks. Some swear by the bamboo, but I don’t like the drag on it.

As far as I know the only true inline hooks sold in US that are metal ( aluminum) are made by Susan Bates. I used this baby and my hands said “ perfect”. Since my hands are long, I get the longer Susan Bates. See pictures.
Most amigurumi artists prefer inline hooks.

So, I think if you’re using a typical tapered hook and your yarn keeps sliding off the hook, get an inline hook.

Michaels doesn’t sell Susan Bates. Joann’s sells Susan Bates in all its forms/sizes as well as other Susan Bates notions.


Wow :star_struck: thank you so much for the recommendations. I’ve mostly used the metal Susan bates hooks for the past 10 years I’ve been crocheting. And they do the best job for my projects. I’m not a fan of ergonomic hooks because of how short the end is. Right now I have a bunch of random hooks. I just want a clean set with a case.


Huh! Just saw this, this is new.


I saw this set on yarnspirations (I think that’s what I was watching) on YouTube. I’ve always thought someone needed to make a set like this.


So, I like my furls Odyssey, but I can’t afford a whole set right now… The wooden streamline are ok in my opinion… I feel like the Odyssey are tapered and the wooden streamline are inline… I prefer tapered…
However my second favorite is my Yarn Mania lighted interchangeable set… It has metal hooks (tapered) with a rechargeable light (newer version has more light settings)… It has an ergonomic handle, and doesn’t squeak like the plastic crochet lite hooks, and is so much brighter (I have older version with only 1 setting, but my understanding is this brightness is one of the settings of new version)…
I took these pics using same settings (no flash) on my Samsung S9+ in the dark… The pics that don’t show the hook, but the project is lighted, the hooks were held approx 6" away pointed at the project

Here a pic showing the shape of the handle… I use a knife hold and it’s amazing, I held it pencil hold just to see and I think it works well for that too (can’t give as good of a review on that as it’s an uncomfortable hold for me)


My “go-to” is Clover. But I like Tulip too. Not a fan of bamboo, but I do like Furls. I also like Prym… It is really your choice. You want something that is easy to your hand. I need a good grip on my hooks, so anything metal won’t work with me.


I get my susan bates hooks at Micheals