Best crochet tips

I’m doing a beginners guide to crochet over on my instagram (same as my username), and I’d like to get some of your tips and tricks to make sure I don’t forget any/ to advance my own work. Hit me and I’ll credit you :palms_up_together:


A beginner tip that helped me a lot was to use a light-colored yarn so its easier to see/count your stitches.


When I first started I cannot tell you how many wonderful patterns I found online! But I would get a few rows in and think ‘this looks weird’ because the pattern was written in UK terms and I was reading it as US terms.

Reading a pattern from beginning to end is a necessity for me. (But that could be my brain needing to know how it ends)

The person who taught me to crochet tried about a dozen times to correct the way I was holding my working yarn before she just gave up and said ok do what works for you. And I ended up doing the same with my daughter when I taught her. Holding your yarn a different way from a video tutorial or the way you see in a book is ok! As long as you’re maintaining tension and it’s comfortable, do you babe!

:sparkling_heart:. Good luck! I can’t wait to read what you finish. I bet you’ll teach me a few things I’ve not thought of yet.


I think as a beginner it’s important to remember that there’s more than one way to do things. If you’re having difficulty feeding your yarn through your fingers, holding your hook etc. It could be you need to try a different technique. I had to try 3 different ways before I could learn the magic circle.


Also, buy cheap materials for your first project! If you go for the fanciest, most expensive yarn and notions it can put extra pressure on your project because of the money you’ve put into it.


Do not take white yarn for your first project! :rofl: Also, if you follow any pattern, be sure to use the very same yarn/hook as stated in the pattern. That solves many problems.


use thick yarn but not too thick, like i used weight 6 yarn using bernat softee chunky yarn, also i would recommend using a light color to see your stitches.


I normally recommend the opposite of that! At the beginning chunky yarn caused a lot of problems so I recommend a weight 4 worsted weight.


I think it might depend on the person, and what they’re comfortable with. I personally started of with weight 4 yarn and it didn’t work for me, so I started using w6 yarn and it was fine. It wasnt like the bernat blanket yarn though, because even for me it’s still hard to use. I do totally agree with you though, I just think for some people like me, it might be different.


How to change colour efficiently, size down on recommended hook to yarn to avoid holey work(this made me so upset doing plush i felt were so ugly when I began), invisible decrease and yarn under would all have helped me to learn sooner.


Your amigurumi shouldn’t have holes! Took me about 10 months to figure that out :rofl:

And you often want a hook size SMALLER than suggested (ie parfait chunky suggests like an 8 but I always use a 5-6)


This is great! One thing I wish I had learned sooner was how to read yarn labels and learn about yarn blends and sizes.

I have a small blog of 6 things I wish I knew while learning crochet if you want some extra tips!