Best "Learning" websites for crafts?

Hiya guys!

So, lately, I’ve been getting the Craftsy ads again. And I was wondering, does this site work? Or does something else have class-type videos I can learn Crochet/Tunisian from besides YouTube? I often have issues with YouTube, and have decided that I’d rather pay for some AD-free in-depth classes to extend my skills but I have no idea where to go from here.

Do you guys know of any places where I could find such content? Or does Craftsy actually work and can easily be canceled? The whole ad seems a bit suspicious to me.

Or, would you suggest YouTube and just look for specifics when I need it?

I mostly ask this because I learn a lot better in a rigid online-course type thing - whether optional or not.


I really like Very Pink Knits because she will show you a lot of different things and is actually knowledgeable
all free crochet usually has fairly good tutorials
and I found this site


I tried crafty. They don’t have a schedule to follow. The curriculum, if any, depends on the teacher. It was either way too basic or over my head.

I’ve heard good things about Toni Lipsey Yarn Crafts for Tunisian Crochet, also Kim Guzman.

I found a company that moves towards bridging the gap between advanced beginner and intermediate- that’s Domestika. It’s worldwide so spoken in different languages but has English subtitles. The Amigurumi design class is the closest I’ve seen to be a curriculum.

Then there is SkillShare, I’ve got my eye on the amigurumi facial features class by Olga.

Then Whistle and Ivy has a plaid course.


I’ve used CreativeBug through my library years ago! It has all different classes for different crafts. They have step by step videos for each project and there is no schedule to follow. You pick your project! The instructions are clear, but styles of teaching definitely depends on the teacher. I haven’t used this in years so I don’t know if there have been any changes/updates to it.