Best way to cut felt

i’ve been struggling so much cutting from felt, specifically circles. i just bought circle stencils and a sharper scissor which is working, but the pencils i got are no good. what are some good pens/pencils for marking felt?


Maybe a thin Sharpie?


hii! not sure what type of felt you use but there is a fibre-y felt and a stiff/firm felt. the stiff felt is much easier to cut and to mark with pen/pencil. i buy it from amazon :pray:

i use curved cuticle scissors to cut details. for eyes, i use a leather hole punch from amazon. i also have a smaller hole punch which i’m not sure where it came from. to use the hole punch, you have to fold the felt over so there is two layers for the punch to cut through. you will have to separate them after they’re cut.

for bigger felt details/odd shapes, i will use the cuticle scissors and sharp embroidery scissors. i think a pair of sharp scissors is a good investment. me personally, i don’t draw/mark the felt before i cut it. i just kinda wing it. i’d like to think i’ve gotten better at it :sweat_smile: the felts i use are dark brown/black so marking them wouldn’t help at all​:smiling_face_with_tear::face_with_spiral_eyes:


I use tailor’s chalk:


Both of you
Have fabulous ideas!
I’ve cut felt before and curved scissors are critical.
Just happened to get stiff felt, excellent that you pointed out the difference.
Tailors chalk!! Brilliant!
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thank you everyone!!

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Make a cardboard stencil to cut around.