Best Yarns for Summer Knitting?


Hope you are all doing well ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I am curious to know what is your go-to yarn for summer knitting projects? I am looking for something light and breathable for my next project.

Any suggestion ?

Thank you


I would suggest cotton, bamboo, or linen. You could also use bigger needles to make it more breathable depending on your project. Hope this helps! :grin:



Thanks for your reply. I will try this .

Thank you :blush:


Of course!

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SporkyGirl gave some good options, another thing I look at for the yarn would be whether it’s machine washable, since if you plan on wearing it especially during summer chances are you’ll need to wash it often depending on how long you wear it, of course if you have the time you could hand wash the piece but that’s not a viable option for everyone definitely something to consider when looking at yarns to get :smile:

Cotton/bamboo blends are my absolute favorite for summertime!

I don’t knit, but cotton is pretty breathable. I use it for summer crochet a lot.