Big Announcement!!! Custom pattern and makes!

Hi. I just thought of throwing a little giveaway in my shop. But… there is only one pattern in my shop… So… I’m doing a little weird sort of giveaway. I’ll choose more than one winner. THE ONLY THING IS… I WON’T DO SWEATERS THIS TIME. It takes too long… And I’m really busy with mid-term exams and I’m also moving the house… So, what I’ll be doing is that,
For Knitters, I’ll be designing a custom knitting pattern of their choice!
And of course, for people who can’t knit, I’ll be knitting ANYTHING they want for them just for $5. This time, sweaters are out! (Cause I’m really busy with exams) But everything else is in! From shawls, to scarves, to cushions, to bags, to plushies! All knitting! But… I’ll be doing another one in late December which will include sweaters of all kind!

I hope to see you here! Really excited!


Oo cool! Im already following your shop and would love to join the giveaway! Ive been starting to practice knitting more recently so this would be really cool


So, I thought to choose 3 winners who are,

Thank you all for entering. Now, I figured that @BeaniebeanOMG is a crocheter, so, I don’t really know wether she wants pattern or makes. Anyways, all of you can tell me what pattern or make you want me to design. Thanks again guys.