Black Friday Sale- 50% off all my patterns

Earlier this year I opened this shop and I’ve slowly found myself avoiding crochet since. Everytime I’d sit down with a skein of yarn I’d find myself trying to decide what I wanted to make and what I could make a pattern of. Those of you who do the same know how much of a process that can be sometimes. What will do best? Remaking it 3 times to fix flaws…scavenging for ideas incase someone else has done the same…list goes on. I really haven’t crocheted for my own enjoyment in quite some time. I’ve been busy with my dogs and my job, and burnout is real :sob: Im hoping I’ll find my way back to it soon. And, hopefully I’ll find the motivation to make at least one Christmas pattern. But I wanted to stop by and let everyone know all my patterns are 50% off till December 1st. Have a lovely holiday, if you celebrate and enjoy it :heart:


I can definitely see where you’re coming from, I hope you find your way back to it soon as well, you should alsl share your SelFee link to help with your SelFees :smile: good luck with the sale :smile: