Blocking finished crochet

I just made the base of a granny square bag (the squares are connected in the bag shape but I haven’t done the strap yet) and I realize I should’ve blocked my squares which is something I haven’t done before. I watched a few videos on how to block and there’s no way I can lay it flat without having some of the squares fold. Will blocking it make the squares fold that way permanently?


Blocking only lasts till the next time it gets wet. You can block your bag to any shape, just use towels or foam or pool noodles or anything that will get the right shape and turn the bag upside down over it


Okay thank you!!


What material did you use? Blocking acrylic is a different ball game than blocking natural fibers… (And blocking acrylic is 100% possible and worth it!)
As for blocking and not having the “crease” could you block each square one at a time while still assembled? Only wet the square you want blocked, then pin only that one into shape (or if steam blocking for acrylic, pin that one into shape, then stream only it… Not easiest, but maybe possible)?


Good idea. I used a mix of fibers mostly acrylic but some cotton… that was probably a bad idea :sweat_smile:


So blocking is definitely going to be trickier then… If each square is 1 material then I’d wet block the cotton and steam block the acrylic. If you used a mix in each square I’m not sure how to deal with that except maybe steam block all of them and hope it works enough


don’t really know, but good luck with the bag!