Blood Type

I know, kinda corny.


Mine really is lol


I’ll definitely use this this next time I’m hospitalized! Anything to break up that tedium! It’ll catch them off and help me to see if they’re actually paying attention to the patient, ME, or if it’s all just a job. You can always tell. I was sent home once with a catheter for a month and I kind of groaned about it, not seriously, but you know. Anyway this young resident made a vicious remark back so I stood up for myself and said I’d like to see him “Deal” if it was hanging out of his penis for a month. I mean, you do not talk to patients that way! I’ve been a patient for 51 years now and worked both as a nurse and in clinical pharmacy. There’s NO excuse for such behavior.

Anyway, my dad and I just celebrated our 10th kidniversary! Ten years of transplant, his donation to me! Yay!!