Anybody else love broadway and sing broadway and harmonize harmonies with broadway songs or has ever seen bradway before? If so, has anybody ever seen a broadway show and immediately after you want to crochet something based off of that broadway musical?
And, howmany broadway shows have you seen?
If you havent seen any, what would you like to see?
Ive seen Hamilton, Frozen, Matilda, and The Lion King, but i think ive seen more, but i can remember rn.


ive seen two, hammilton and six. they both were fantastic


AYY MUSICAL THEATER CROCHET PEOPLE!! i’ve seen 4 broadway shows, plus tons and tons at local theaters or high schools. on broadway i’ve seen come from away, six, some like it hot, and hadestown. please talk about musicals with me i love musicals <3


Hadestown!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii love hadestown!!!


I love musicals too. I saw Phantom of the Opera in LA. Locally, I’ve seen Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat (twice), Cats (didn’t like much), Into the Woods, Pirates of Penzance, Hello Dolly! and Two by Two. There are others but I can’t remember their names.

I didn’t crochet at that time so I can’t say that I ever wanted to crochet something related to the musical. I usually ran to the store and bought the Broadway cd though. And I’m not a designer so I don’t think I’d create anything good anyways. I’m just starting to learn about designing. It may be a part of my brain that doesn’t function well. :rofl:


yess!! i have these friends that are obsessed with hadestown and they have matching “i heart eva noblezada” shirts (the original broadway eurydice)

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into the woods!!! hello dolly!!! joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat!!! you have good taste i like it (: