Bug on Ribbuild in size field

Howdy, I have had a bug in the size field twice today in Ribbuild. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not meeting the expected parameters or if it’s an actual bug. Thought I would flag it anyway.

The first time it happened I was just saying there is one size, so I wrote ‘one size’ in the size field. The second time it happened it’s for something with 2 sizes, S/L (it’s a hat).
Both times I"m getting a grey pop up telling me that I’m not meeting the parameters for the size field. It has an option to close it but I can’t close the box - it won’t go away.
If I don’t have at least 3 sizes, should I just leave this field blank? Not sure why I can’t clear the error message away even by deleting the text in the box?
cheers, Abbey

Hi Abbey!

Thank you for reporting this!
We have added a message that pops-up to confirm the sizes writing, but it should work for every size, without forcing you to have 3 sizes or more… could you send us a video/picture of the bug? Also, can you tell me which browser and device you are working on?

Lir X

I’ll see if I can replicate it a bit later today. I’m using safari on a Mac laptop.

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Hey @Abbeymade !
I’ve tested this on Safari and it seems to work fine on our end.
Just to clarify: when you see this pop-up message and you click ‘OK’ or the X button - does it not close?

Hi, just checking if this is still an issue for you? I’m here to help :slight_smile:

Hi Saar, sorry I just haven’t had time to play with this in the last few days. I’ll double check next time I’m uploading a pattern and see if I can replicate what it was doing for me.
Cheers Abbey

7/ 24/ 2020 Today, I am still getting this bug. The pop up window doesn’t go away. I have been saving and refreshing the page but it’s a bit annoying.


Hi, Can you explain exactly what happens?

It’ll help to know if you could tell me the pattern you were working on, and the device and browser you are using. If you can take a quick video for us that would be fantastic.

We will investigate it and hopefully once you get back to me we will have a better understanding of how to fix this for you. :blush:

I’ve managed to replicate it twice now in the last 20 mins. Here is a screenshot ![Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 4.14.16 pm|595x394](upload://4xScreen Shot 2020-07-25 at 4.14.16 pm bqOmXmKJgnI0rgxfsTJTKGYFt.png)

It came up as soon as I clicked I the size field. I try to type in the size field… nothing. Try to close with the X or the ok button… nothing.

So, exit out of Ribbuild and go back into the pattern, and then it’s ok! I have tested this on both draft patterns. It’s not an issue now because I’ve exited out of Ribbuild and gone back in. It’s just so weird that it happened again.

I’m using safari on a Mac.

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Thank you @Abbeymade !
It sounds like both of you are experiencing the same bug. We are working on it and I will personally keep you both updated :blush:

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Hi @BadWolfGirlDesigns @Abbeymade
This should hopefully be working now for you!
Let us know if it’s okay or if you’re still facing any issues.

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ok cool I will let you know whether it is resolved next time I start a pattern upload. I’ve got quite a few to go!