Butterfly Granny Square Bandana

I recently saw this bandana being sold by Pacsun, I wanted it so bad but for the price I realized it was unethical, especially with how fine and intricate the design is. Does anyone have any idea how this pattern works? DM me on instagram @bloom.babies


Is there a pic of other side?

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I don’t have the right terms for it, but I see how it’s done.
I’m not sure how the body is done but the wings are where you make a loop and dc in the loop a bunch of times and then the corners are filled in with chains to make it square and the squares are join as you go and not a solid seam…I’m looking for that granny square


tbh, I think it’s just a four petal flower square with the body satin stitched in later


the flower, in the dips where the petals meet make a chain loop, then two loops on top of that then one loop to make corner then the join as you go border then then work in the body with some sort of satin stitch