C2C help?

I have never done a C2C graph before but my daughter wanted a Minecraft blanket. Is it ok? I think it looks not right. Are there any suggestions as to how to make it better? I know I have a tension issue sometimes it’s ok for the project and others is not. Any and all criticism is welcome hope the pictures load​:unamused:


I haven’t actually done C2C myself yet, it’s on my bucket list… but I know @HookedByMarilyn is great at them!
@HookedByMarilyn Any thoughts?


This is my first. I watched a video from swish and stitch website. I’m just not sure if I’m doing it right or how to improve my tension


I think it looks OK from here. :wink: Weave the ends, back and forth 3 times. Being careful to keep the colors in the same color stitches.

Are you connecting these like a quilt? I think they look great. Tension is important always, but I don’t know of any tips to help with that. Practice? I do take some stitches out when they are too bad.

I am excited to see this completed. I’m sure she will love it.


If you do decide to attach them like a quilt, blocking can help making your tensions more uniform looking in the end :slight_smile: