Call to Test a Tunisian Crochet Pillow Pattern for charity - CLOSED

I’m developing a pillow pattern - 100% of the proceeds will go to Alzheimer’s. It’s a combination of crochet and tunisian crochet and would require a 6mm double headed hook, a 5.5 mm regular hook and it would be handy to have a 3mm hook for getting into tight spaces. Instructions for the front are complete (more video will be added. The back is still a work in progress.

Please see finished picture attached.

Pattern: The Kayla Pillow
Craft Type: Tunisian Crochet
Skill Level: Intermediate
Yarn Required 400g Patons Classic Wool Worsted

Time to complete testing: 28th February

If you are chosen, you will be gifted this pattern. Comment below with a bit about yourself and your crochet experience if you’re interested in testing this pattern.

This is my first written pattern so I’d love feedback - so make sure you start a pattern journal so we can see your WIP notes & photos.



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I’d love to try it! I’ve been crocheting for years and I’ve always wanted to learn Tunisian


Lovely. Let me know if you still need help. I’m not too experienced in tunisian crochet but always eager to. Learn.

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Thank you for the offer! I’ve actually just published and a friend is going to try out for me.

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Thank you for your offer! I just published and have a friend trying it out for me :slight_smile:

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Great! Good luck!