can i make promoted ads go away?

is there any way i can stop being shown yarn to buy? i don’t want to see it, i joined this app for patterns and community, not to be shown yarn ads. like yeah its cool for Ribblr that JOANN wanted to partner with them, but im just kinda sick of having to scroll past a ton of yarn ads to find patterns


I dont know if you can, maybe this can be a future feature @Ribblr


Joann’s is local to me so I don’t really need to order anything online from them


Same, I prefer to pick craft supplies in person and I have two locations close by. I am happy that the option is there for folks who don’t have a local JOANN though :heart: the ability to adjust ad frequency would be helpful.


yeah the ads are super annoying, especially inside patterns for random stuff I obviously already have if i’m following a crochet pattern??? like it seems a bit excessive…


Thanks for your feedback, it has been logged.

Ribblr partnered with Joann to provide you with the craft supplies that you need at incredible prices. We also have exclusive coupons to provide an even better deal.

As for promoted listings, this is one of the ways for Ribblr to keep providing you with a free to use platform and build unique features like Ribblr ePattern, Ribbuild, our testing tools and more. I know our team carefully selected and approved promoted listings so they are valuable to you. However our team can consider alternatives for removing promoted listings such as a premium membership etc.
thanks again for your feedback!


Premium membership would be one we’d have to pay for. As a lot of our members are teens this would be difficult for them.

I don’t find the ads to be intrusive enough to be willing to pay for any premium membership