Can I trust stripe?

I don’t really know what to do because idk where else I can sell my patterns but Ribblr only lets you use the stripe app & I recently released my first paid pattern but I guess someone tried to buy it and it didn’t work because it said I needed to take action on my account. When I went to look it then asked for my full ssn which I thought was kinda weird but I did it anyways, and then it said it still needed further action and wants a copy of an id??? I don’t want to make all my patterns free but idrk what to do because this feels sus and idk if I can trust stripe. Is there any way I could connect a different payment method like PayPal?? Has anyone else had the same issues? I’m bummed because I wanted to start selling my patterns but I don’t feel comfortable giving an app all my information like that, I don’t want my identity stolen :sob:


Sorry I don’t have Stripe


Lots of sites use Stripe, I can’t name them all, feel free to search online what services use Stripe I know for sure Amazon uses it along with other well known sites, it’s completely secure, apparently more than other services and has less fees as well apparently, I’ll try to see if I can a find more services that use it :smile:

Edit: here’s some more about it


Hmm okay thank you


No problem! I don’t have a pattern to sell so I’m not fully aware of how things proceed with it, but hopefully I helped at least somewhat, if not hopefully a designer that sells patterns can also offer some more insight :smile:


Yes you did help thank you !


when I first started selling patterns my stripe had already been connected to someone else, I never connected it or touched it at all :grimacing: but then I didn’t get paid for my pattern bc this other person had somehow connected their stripe to my account :neutral_face: ribblr was able to fix it, but it was kinda creepy


Ahh that’s kinda scary :sob: I’m just really scared of identity theft

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