Can I use this yarn?

So I’m going to a baby shower on June 1 and I need a gift. I already made a pattern for a manatee and I plan on gifting the mom one of those. I think that will be just for decoration though because it has safety eyes and I have heard that plush yarn that sheds is unsafe for infants.

I have the perfect colors to make a strawberry turtle. Sea turtles being one of her favorite animals along with manatees. I’m not sure if I can use Big twist posh or not? It doesn’t shed and it’s like a thin bernat baby blanket. I haven’t been able to find anything about this because everything is about it being discontinued or not. Can I give a toy made with this yarn to a new born? :yellow_heart:


In my experience, some do but some don’t and the ones that do stop shedding after a little while


You could throw it in the washing machine or something and that might help


I usually crochet blanket, hat and scratching mittens.


I have a few skeins in my stash to make a teddy bear for my baby.
I would say it is okay to use


I think it would be ok for a baby to have. It doesn’t shed unless you cut the yarn.


Anything that a baby will be in contact with will need frequent washing. I would make a swatch and wash it several times to see how it holds up.


Thank you! I will let the mom know to be careful and I can try and make a test swatch to wash.


@AdolosFlow I made a tiny little test ball (with stuffing) and I washed it on warm/cold in a bag and it worked great! I am probably going to try it without the bag and also give the test piece to the mom just so she can make sure her settings work. You should be good though!

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