Can someone help me find a dog pattern?

I need a crochet pattern for a basset hound preferably a free pattern. My grandparents dog recently passed and he was 8 years old, my grandma was upset about and so I wanna make a crochet version of him. Please help.


I’m so sorry that happened, I hope your gift brings some joy! I found these patterns that hopefully give some help or at the very least some inspiration, the first is an applique which could be used just for wall decoration or added to something whether sewn in or crocheted around it and even a coaster/pot holder if its made from cotton. The second one I found was cute and could easily be changed to the colors of your grandparents basset hound and adjusted to the length you want, well any dog pattern could be modified to make it more personal depending on how their basset hound looked like, I wish you luck and hope it comes out well with whatever pattern you decide on following along with


Thank you so much!

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here’s a cute free one!