Can’t link Instagram to Ribblr

Hi! I’m trying to connect my Instagram to my ribblr account (same name) but I get this error every time I try. Could someone help?


maybe try logging out of your ribblr account to refresh it if not @Ribblr could help <3


Just tried logging out/back in and it still gave me the error :pleading_face:


im not sure what to do then @Ribblr

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Same problem here. Tried two different devices but no luck :thinking:


We’re looking into it.


I was having similar trying to link Instagram to shop

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Can you check again? we believe this has now been fixed. @kcutecraft @OBabyNMore @DasChubba @pickyknots


I just tried again and it gave me the same error.

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Thanks for letting us know! We’ll escalate it right away for or engineers to look into

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Still not working for me either
My error is slightly different though

What are you seeing as an error please?

@pickyknots @kcutecraft @OBabyNMore

Can you check on Instagram if you’re already connected? We can confirm this is working, however there might have been a case with your account connecting but Instagram not sending Ribblr your access approval and therefore you keep getting errors.

Keep us posted.

I was able to get it connected! Not sure what changed.

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My shop still won’t connect, I’ve looked at everything I can on Instagram and can’t see where it’s connected… guess this is just another one that I’ll give up and not have :woman_shrugging:t3:

Does this mean TikTok won’t connect for you either?

Can you share your error messages here or in private?

I don’t have tiktok… i was referring to an old conversation about the reply by email badge that no matter what I do I can’t get it
I’ll try to get the error message later