Can't publish pattern

I have tried on my iPad to publish a pattern. It said sufficient instructions (adding an existing PDF). I

I don’t have a PDF and just had it tested.

I think I figured it, pattern had only 3 steps and I added 2 heading and it.worked.


Yes, Ribblr specifically has a minimum number of lines required to help ensure that a pattern is complete. Also, just so you know, the idea is to transfer your pattern to the Ribblr template and not to upload a pdf, as the platform is designed to be interactive and the user can’t check off finished rows in a pdf.


I wrote the pattern directlyin to Ribblr.


Glad you figure it out! We’ve marked @OBabyNMore solution as the correct one.

Generally we recommend breaking down instructions, even for small patterns, to make them more user-friendly. Headers, sub headers, and breaking down instructions is the best way to achieve the minimum amount needed. If you need help with a specific design you can reach out to us directly so we can look into it for you, whilst it’s still in draft mode.