Car ride ideas!

Hellooooo wonderful folks of ribblr! I have a five hour car ride coming up and i think some of yall know more about crocheting while travelling than me haha! I was thinking of making a blanket but id love some other ideas! I am trying to do more functional projects like clothes or accessories, or even room decor! I would love to make a top i js dont know what pattern to use :smiling_face_with_tear:
If you have any pet-related ideas i have cats and they seem very interested in my projects LOL
ALSO!! if you know of any cute or cozy games that are free on nintendo switch me and my brother love games like that!
Thank you! <3


I’ve made cat mats on trips before. I’m planning to donate them to a shelter soon.

I just made rectangles using hdc stitches all across. I don’t remember the exact dimensions, but it was a really easy car project and I’m sure your cats would love them!


You could try making: beanies, gloves, scarfs, a sweater, a potted plant, coasters, star garland etc!


Outfits! As for free cozy games, I’m looking for some too T-T


a five hour project…,… hmmmm… if ur a girl (idk if you are and im sry if you arent) you could make this: Crochet Ribbed Tank Top - free pattern + video tutorial - For The Frills


I am! Cute pattern, i will try it! Thank you :blush:


I found two free ones if you want to check them out: Palia and Fallout shelter. Fallout shelter is not like a cottagcore type cozy game lol its a post apocalyptic game similar to the sims. Palia is (i think) a puzzle/mystery/exploration game that has really beatiful scenery. I also hear sky: children of the light is a good game if you play online multiplayers


Thankss! Ill check them out :sparkles:

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