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omfg u can’t figure out why I can’t do this. I’ve tried following many videos and patterns but I don’t think I’m ever doing it right. When I do the double crochets, the stitches I already did start to curl/twist, and when I do a version where it uses half double crochet, it either gets too big or gets too small.


Congrats on your first post! I think it could be because of your tension and the yarn weight and or size of the crochet hook you’re using, since curling/twisting and something becoming too small is the result of tight tension and something bigger is the result of a looser tension are those the videos you’ve seen or of something else?


oohhhh. I’m using a 5.75 mm hook, and I can’t remember the yarn.
Yeahh I kinda thought it was a thing w tension, but I don’t reallyyy know how to fix it?


Yeah, yarn labels come with a recommend needle and hook size, if you go smaller the work is smaller and it’s a bit tighter together typically you go down hook sizes for things like amigurumi, etc if you go big theres more of a chance for holes to appear and the work will definitely come out bigger than the gauge shown. Here’s some videos, I can’t say how well they will work for you but they do offer some great tips that could help with this issue! :smile:


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