Cat hat help

(This post doesn’t have to do with ribblr. Just random crochet) Hey yall! So I’ve been on and off making this cat hat, and I have a problem… or I think it’s a problem. Basically, when I did my starting chain(which is the right side in the pic) I made it WAY too tight. Now that I’m close to being done(I’m giving it a folded over edge/rim too), it’s so wonky. It’s so tightly done at the start and so loose at the end I’m working on still(like I said I’m giving it a folded edge) that it looks so weird :sob: what do I do? Should I undo the beginning chain and just sew around the edge, so that it’s loose but doesn’t come undone? Will it look fine if I don’t do amything? It bunches a bunch(pun not intended :yum:) when I fold that tighter end up for the rim, and looks weird if I fold the loose end up. Pls what do I do?


I tip is to use a bigger size hook for the chain so it doesnt turn out like that next time.

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What I did for mine was crochet ch the length of my head and just basically kept that number consistent unless I needed it bigger or smaller, here is one of mine

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I believe I used this pattern FREE Striped Cat Beanie: Crochet pattern | Ribblr the ch 2 at the beginning at the row is not required in my opinion


I did that though :sob: and it’s still the same number of stitches in the row rn as when I started. My starting chain was just too tight :frowning:

Yeah good idea. I’ll try it. I will be sad to do it but I might unravel this one and restart, since I rlly like this yarn and only have enough for one hat

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This is most likely a tension problem! I’m not sure what else to tell you now, other than to frog, but practice your tension! Usually at the start of a project, you will be tight, and relax as time goes on, but the skill will come with practice, trust me! Hope this helps!

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