Celebrating slow fashion together 💜

Over the past few months we’ve been made aware of a concerning issue - several fast-fashion brands started to mass-produce copies of unique designs, made with love by indie designers.

The low-quality copies are sold for a cheap price which hardly comes as a surprise, considering the ethical reputation of the alleged brands.
After all - there is always a cost when prices are extremely cheap.

Empowering designers

Influence has always been an important part of all creative industries.
Yet there is a clear distinction between influence (and credit, when it is due) and a reproduced copy that lacks acknowledgment of the original designer.

One of our main goals, here at Ribblr, is to empower indie designers.
And this new trend goes against our ethos of supporting the slow fashion movement, and participation in DIY crafts in particular.

Unfortunately, well-known fashion designers have had to deal with copies & knock-offs for decades, as it is nearly impossible to legally protect a design.

And Ribblr is no different.
A few months ago we were informed that a fast-fashion brand listed an identical copy of a garment designed by Team Ribblr.

(Our pattern: FREE Preppy Diamond Vest: Crochet pattern | Ribblr)

Let’s celebrate you and your craft!

As a crafter, you can appreciate how much work and passion goes into a handmade creation.

That’s why we believe the best way to support designers is to raise awareness so that people can understand the great value of sustainable handmade creations.

Crafting benefits us in so many ways - it improves our physical and mental health, it gives us joy and pride.
But it’s much more than just that. It’s an entire eco-system.
As a crafter, you provide incredible support for designers and their livelihood.
And just as importantly, you contribute toward a more sustainable future.

So join us in celebrating you and your craft :partying_face:
Buy a pattern from your favorite designer, start designing your own patterns (did you check out Ribbuild yet?) and invite your friends to pick up crafting for the first time!

Happy new year and happy crafting,
Team Ribblr :purple_heart:

*(Additional resources available here: Diet Prada, Sixth Tone and Dazed)

Oh my goodness! This is terrible :scream::scream::scream: And it hits so close to home - even one of team @ribblr ‘s designs! There should be an end to this, it’s just plain stealing! If there’s anything we can do about this, that would be good.
My heart goes out to team Ribblr and all of the other designers out there this has happened to! If there’s anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to contact me via private message on here Ribblr or email me NoKittenAroundStudio@gmail.com !
Please don’t hesitate, I’m here to help and support you!



There is definitely something we can do: stop buying fast fashion. I know this is not possible for everyone, but the less money we spend on these brands the better.


This is literally heartbreaking. Working so hard to bring an idea to life through trial and error and coming up with a final design and being a small business/ indie designer, only to have it ripped off and mass produced is truly evil in all senses. Reading all the articles provided in the post has rattled me even further.

Boycotting fast fashion needs to become a fad. More and more people truly need to be converted to embrace slow fashion.

I really hope there is some legal recourse that can be availed, while I’m also aware of the limitations.

My wholehearted support to Team Ribblr​:heart::heart:
Thank you for revolutionizing the crochet- knit, slow fashion crafting experience and supporting so many designers.