Challenge of the day- may 4

Happy star wars day! I hope you guys have had an amazing day! Also tomorrow is my good friends birthday so wish her a happy birthday and yeah… I got not much more to say….

Do something kind for someone without being told

When finished say “done:sparkles:


Giggles :sparkles:partially done​:sparkles: (can’t say what it is because they’re on this site so you’re gonna have to wait until I’m done :skull:)


My mom was having a flashback ( my bio dad did some crazy things) and then when my mom walked to the living room, I put the auger in the container and my baba was doing dishes so she was ok after. I tend to unintentionally help people (like I was just putting the Suger away and it help my mom calmed down)


May the 4th be with you also dooonnnee

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done :sparkles:

done :grin: