Changing line spacing

Hi! I’m new to ribblr, so I’m afraid there’s a feature that I’m missing here. I understand that there are features to choose between two text sizes and the option to view the pattern in cm or inches amongst others, but I can’t seem to find the option to increase line spacing within the pattern.

I have trouble reading any text (typed or handwritten) that’s single-spaced as all the words and letters get all jumbled up and it’s quite frustrating when I’m trying to follow a pattern that I love the design of. Am I missing where that feature is or does that feauture indeed not exist?



There isn’t a built in adjustable line spacing - generally the line spacing in Ribblr ePatterns is larger than the standard so it’d be useful to know what works for you for future accessibility features development! :blush:


Hey, that would be cool for us older folks too​:wink:


Thanks for reaching out with your wonderful accessibility suggestion. This is exactly why this community space exists. We’ve started implementing this on our next feature drop to better support you and make Ribblr even more accessible. :purple_heart:

don’t forget you can also enjoy many existing accessibility tools - language translation, unit convertor, enlarge text size, reduce motion, dark mode, left hand mode and more.

We always aim to improve so feel free to give us a shout if you have any other suggestions!