Chart Design

I am working primarily from phones and tablets as I am on the go a lot and have found a few items that may help other tablet users when designing charts.

  1. DropDown color / palate select vs. right click. The ability to preload a palate that includes grey, black, and white for error correction would be a nice addition as Macs, phones, and tablets do not have “right click” so this causes some difficulty when making/editing charts.
  2. A HEX colour text entry (RGB/CMYK would be nice as well but HEX would do wonders.)
  3. The ability to create charts as stand-alone patterns.
  4. Group symbols by expandable sub-categories with text descriptions next to them. This would speed the process and help with screen real estate. Additionally a place stitches on hold symbol would be helpful (if I missed this I apologize.)

Thanks in advance for your consideration and time.

Equipment used:
MacBook Air OSX Catalina
iPhone XR iOS 14.01
iPad mini 5 iOS 14.01
Safari / Opera/ Mozilla browser on the above.

Win 10 Enterprise latest release
Safari/ Opera/ Mozilla/ Internet Explorer/ Edge

Fedora Core with KDE


Hi Robert!
Thanks for the detailed feedback. We really appreciate it! :purple_heart:

There are a lot of new features coming this Thursday as we launch. We can confirm that the palate has been significantly improved and should be much easier to use on all devices.
You will also be able create charts as stand-alone patterns by simply attaching the chart to your pattern’s first line. We also recommend mentioning that in your pattern’s intro.

RGB is already available on larger devices (desktops, laptops and large tablets) but currently not on mobile. We’ve logged in your feedback regarding the additional hex use and grouping symbols.
The interactive charts is one of our latest additions and we definitely have a lot of lined up features to improve them further!
If you have any other suggestions, thoughts or issues that you come across please feel free to share them at anytime.

Thank you again for the great feedback. We hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming update!


@KDCreations I’m glad you’re asked this because I plan on doing the same on mobile devices. So good to know before I go in! But great to know that @ribblr is working on it!


The launch update has made it so much easier on mobile devices and the “app” works good with intermittent internet connections so far.

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Awesome! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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What type of charts are you going to be able to make here? Are we talking free form symbol diagrams or gridded row by row color or symbol charts like corner to corner or knitting charts?

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Hey Emily,
We’re just starting out and the interactive charts are quite new but we already have support for everything you mentioned apart from free form. We currently support both Crochet and Knitting and are working to add Tunisian Crochet, too, in the near future.
You can go ahead and give it a try! Our interactive charts are integrated into Ribbuild, our pattern editing tool.

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