chart questions

Hey guys, just a few questions/suggestions with the charts:

  • when I generate a pdf of my patterns now the chart visual isn’t coming up on the pdf - just a #chart text, no image of the chart. It was a few weeks ago, not sure what’s changed? I want to be able to view a static image of the chart outside Ribblr for my own reference.

  • speaking of the pdf chart, I know when you hover over a symbol it shows the abbreviation. I know it’s probably nitpicking - but I would LOVE it if there was also a displayed chart key on the PDF - so a list of the symbols and what they mean without having to hover the mouse over them. It’s not that I don’t know what the symbols mean, I just like chart keys.

  • wondering if there is an option to download just the chart and the chart key as a pdf or jpg? Even if it’s only for designers to be able to do this? Your tunisian chart software is literally the best out there for me and (I’m not sure how you feel about this) but I really want to drop these charts into my pdf patterns that I sell on other platforms - without having to do a dodgy recreation for them on excel or the other dodgy software around. Not sure if you’ve considered this - I’m actually happy to pay for the privilege of doing this, whether it’s an annual fee or a pay per download.

  • I’ve had a couple of occasions where I have accidentally deleted a chart. It’s really easy to do! So while in Ribbuild to get to the chart you click on the 3 dots (only) and it opens up the chart, right? I have on a couple of occasions clicked on the 3 dots and then selected the chart button straight away (I’ve already made the chart by this point, I’m just going to have a look at it). When you do this, you get a pop up saying something like ‘do you want to save’ and if you select NO, when the chart opens up, it comes up blank!! I know this is my error, just thought I would flag it with you.


Hi Abbey,
We’d love to help.

Thanks for reporting. We’re looking into it!

That’s something we can look into, but it is rather complicated for the time being.
Once the issue reported above is fixed, you’ll be able to export a PDF with the chart(s) included and at the moment it’s completely free!

That’s part of our future plans :slight_smile:

Just to confirm - is it also not available in your list of charts anymore, too?

Thank you for all the feedback! As always - we noted it all. If you have any other questions/suggestions feel free to share it below. Merry Christmas! :santa:

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It’s still there as a saved chart with the name of it, but the chart itself is blank.

Thanks for the response!

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Hey Abbey!
Not working on this one personally but I can confirm a fix for these issues will hopefully be released next week :blush:

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Awesome, thanks Saar

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