Hi again. So I figured out that I can click and download the charts in a pattern, but before that, I was apparently using the cover picture to stay in the same tab. I’m working from my tablet in chrome if that makes any difference. But when I looked at the cover pictures, they only showed parts of the charts, and I was wondering if maybe they could show the entire chart? I know that’s fiddly, but maybe a future thing? Thanks again!

Hi! Let me try to help.
Do you mean that you would like to use a pattern and a chart that is attached as a media at the same time from within the pattern?

If that’s so, you are going to love our upcoming update :slight_smile:
Until then you could either download a chart (if the designer allowed it) or see it within the pattern but without the availability to fully zoom in.

We’re here for you if you have any other questions.

Hi! Thanks for the answers. You answered my question. And I’m really excited to see the new updates!


By the way, on any Ribblr ePattern you’ll automatically see preview photos, but you can click on the different media icons to the right of each line to fully view the media rather than a portion of it :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’ll try that! I did the tutorials, but apparently I didn’t listen hard enough. :rofl:

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