Cheerful Coyote

Hi, all. This is volkoviart or cheerfulcoyote. I’m the designer of bumble buddy, cheerful coyote, and the new pattern pumpkin turtle. I just wanted to let all of my testers know that if they are not seeing the pattern and my shop it is not because I removed you. I have been having trouble with my account. My account is gone due to a merging to this account. I was under the assumption I would keep that account and just have the username cheerfulcoyote and not volkoviart. :< Sadly that is not the case… everything is gone. I’m not sure if ribblr will be able to fix anything. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m sorry if they were testing my pattern. Hopefully everything will work out. Sorry for any inconvenience.


That sucks :confused: Hope everything works out!


Me too, it was a lot of hard work. :< I also just feel terrible for the testers…


Maybe @Ribblr can help fix this for you


Oh no! It’s okay I still have the pattern in my testing (the pumpkin turtle) I’m not sure if you’ll have to make another pattern in your shop and add the testers back or if you’ll be able to get it back, hopefully everything works out! Would you like the testers to keep working on it or should we stop and see what happens? Do you still have access to the tester group chat?


I’d love it if everyone still worked on it! I’m glad to know it’s still there! I don’t have access to anything on that account. :< That was my main account which is the account I wanted to keep, but for some reason this one is the one they opted to keep. I’m really hoping they can just give me back that account and deactivate this one. It don’t have the other patterns written down with the changes so… I’m just frustrated and honestly a bit upset. :<


I tried inviting you to the tester group chat so you can at least keep up with everything and see how everyone’s doing for the meantime until this gets sorted out, let me know if it works!


Thank you so much! You are always so helpful! <3