Christmas Amigurumi collection

Holly and Merry Moo Moo :christmas_tree:

Longtime no post on Ribblr cause I’m a little bit overwhelmed with my christmas order​:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hope everyone is fine. What are your crochet project for christmas?:blue_heart:

Crochet :yarn: Crochet :yarn: amigurumi #christmas


Aww theyre both adorable! Im making lots of things for christmas including winnie the pooh, a unicorn, a d20, a grim reaper, a random pill lol, several pokemon/random animals, a unicorn, a duck, a christmas gnome, and i still have to figure out what to make for a few others. So basically im really busy lol


How adorable! My crochet projects are just some amigurumi and tapestries for Christmas gifts :smile:

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Making matching mario hats for my family made 2/4 but might make mine after im all done have to work on 2 ninja turtles for my dad and brother then a heart pillow for my mom :slight_smile:


Very cute projects​:heart: