Okay so i know it’s not even october, but i had my halloween market yesterday. And now i’m signing up for a christmas one…… Am i crazy? I’ll be making christmas plushies in october! The market is huge and we’ll known, i’ve been as a shopper. So i’m hoping to have enough stock for two or three tables! This will only be my second market. If anyone has any patterns for things that sold well at their past christmas markets i would appreciate it!


I’ve never done a christmas market but heres a pattern I just love: FREE Chonky Cat Christmas Tree: Crochet pattern | Ribblr


If you work on plushies, try to make a couple christmas bees! Those are a huge hit at the markets that I go to/create. Make a couple Candy Cane bees, regular green, white, and red christmas bees, and even a mistletoe bee would be super cute. If you don’t make plushies and are someone who makes other things (such as clothing and more) you could make some santa hats, both for smaller plushies (or even dogs) and hats for kids/adults too! Also, another option is to make some peppermint pillows, I am positive that those will sell well. I have a market coming up soon which I am incorporating halloween plushies into (I do amigurumi >:D) my next market after that will be related to christmas, so if you use any of the ideas I have presented, please let me know how well they did or didn’t sell so I can get a gauge of if they are worth making or not xD


I definitely don’t think you’re crazy since this seems normal :joy: I think naturally we tend to do things before it actually happens for sure stores do it with decorations that aren’t even close by :joy: as for some ideas I’ve never done a market but here are some Christmas themed ones

I’ll be suggesting amigurumi but let me know if you do others/want to branch out as well!

Snowman, reindeer, ornaments, small things that can be ornaments, snowflakes, snowglobes, Christmas trees, presents, Santa/Mrs.Santa, elves, Christmas themed gnomes, peppermints, candy canes


great ideas thank you!!


yes i was thinking of some pillows, thanks! i’ll let you know how it goes.