Chunky yarn

Does anyone know any chunky yarn brands that are at
Walmart? Something less than six dollars?


Mainstays I think? They don’t have it at my Walmart but you can also order it online.

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Thanks but I don’t think they have it at my Walmart either. I will look though.

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I personally don’t buy from Walmart because they have a extremely limited selection. But I do recommend Hobby Lobby! They have tons of yarn, fluffy, plush, cotton, acrylic, etc. and it’s super affordable too!


I will see thanks for the help.


FYI, Hobby lobby has yarn 30% off every other week


I’ve seen bernat blanket yarn at my Walmart, but I’m not sure if it’s at every Walmart!

Bernât blanket is sold at Walmart. The skeins I got were chunky and cost $10 each… they did have other yarn from that brand that was cheaper though!

I saw it but it is expensive in my Walmart.

yea I forgot to look at the price I haven’t bought it in forever :sob: