clarification in pattern

hey guys! this might sound like a dumb question lol but what is a bandwidth?

i’m trying to make this pattern but idk what to measure to for the first chains. is bandwidth and bust the same? idk please help


this is a question better asked of the designer, but I would assume that somewhere in the pattern you are told that you are making a band and where the band is and how to measure for it and that is the “band width” and it got autocorrected along the way to “bandwidth”. If that has not been made clear in the pattern, you might suggest an edit


Bandwidth would be the underband, I attached the picture to help understand it a bit better (the one on the right) of course it might be better to contact the designer for clarification unless it’s in the video somewhere. You can contact the designer while in the pattern there should be a button there that lets you message them, let me know if you can’t find it and want to :smile: if you’re answer is solved/no more questions it might be better to remove the image so the pattern isn’t shown to others



I would guess it refers to the underbust measurement, but your best bet is to ask the designer.


thank you so much! this was super helpful​:grin:


No problem! I always find it easier to see photos/videos to understand something :smile:

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