(Closed)✨🌼400 follower giveaway🌼✨

Hey everyone! I will be hosting a pattern giveaway​ wooooohhhh yuh :sparkles::partying_face:
I have been wanting to do one for a while now!
there will be 3 winners

:1st_place_medal:1st place - any
2 custom patterns you would like and my next pattern release early!
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place - 1 custom pattern and my next pattern release early!
:3rd_place_medal:3rd place - early release to my next two patterns!

how to apply?

•give this post a like!
• follow my shop :relieved:
•tag 2-4 friends and comment one goal you have for this year!
•(bonus entry: include in your comment a picture of your pet!)

to all who apply, your names will be entered on a big spinny wheel thingy. your name will be entered twice for the bonus entry! please make sure you do all the requirements to apply​:pray: the winners will be dm’d at the end of the giveaway for final confirmation of which custom pattern you want!

:warning::bangbang:giveaway closes 24th January 12am EST
(about 12 days).

I just want to express how happy and thankful I am to all of you guys in the @Ribblr community who have supported me and my shop it means the world to me and I love y’all so much!! I hope I can continue to grow my shop and keep making you guys fun-unique patterns :smiling_face:🫶🏽:sparkles:

(also, this post was inspired by @binka hope that was ok! 🩷)


I follow your shop! my pets are 5 bunnies and i cant rlly get a pic :sob: but @Daffodilcrochets @HesperiaFlys @evalynnRose @JUP1T3R Thank you guys so much for being such great friends! (ofc there’s a lot more of u lol) and thanks for listening to my problems and giving me someone to talk to! I love you guys so much and thank you again! (honestly idk if i was supposed to just tag but rlly yall r the best!) and i liked the post, congrats on 400 follows!


Thanks for doing a giveaway! All of your patterns are so cute! I’m fairly newish to Ribblr, so I haven’t made friends on the platform yet, but here’s a few people I’ve seen around! @Cinna245 @FluffyYarnCreations
Goal: I want to finish my pattern test! I can’t wait to see the result!
And ofc my dog

Edit: I accidentally put a picture of a bagel idk why I had - pls excuse the bagel-dog of u saw that :sob:


Already following ofc!!! Imagine if you pick the winners on my birthday :open_mouth:
@Elaya @ClaireCrochets247 @SweetTomato @Abug1249 @Itsfayfay4
I want to finish writing my novella!

I accidentally woke my cat up to take this picture T-T


Awww love you too mini-me!:heart::heart::heart:


I have been following your shop for a while now :relieved:
@FluffyYarnCreations @JUP1T3R @SweetTomato @ClaireCrochets247
I want to focus more during school!
Here is Kiwi :))


Already following! :smile: @anon74877402 @JUP1T3R @RisingFlames love y’all sm! And here is my servic dog Hazel, she’s my whole life! :heart:


Already following ofc!
@lunarcrochett @TheTreeLober @abiii
One of my goals for this year is to grow my relationship with God :DD

This is my dog Harley :smiling_face:


Congrats! 🫶🏻
Following your shop ofc:)
@SweetTomato @ClaireCrochets247 @FluffyYarnCreations @Abug1249 @OMLET @Itsfayfay4 @yarnivorecrochets
Here’s pics of my bunnies


Hehe I’ve been following your shop since the beginning cozy :joy:

I personally want to get outside more and fox for hikes, and I also have goals for my business too! Like I want to get to 20 sales by the end of the year (currently at 7 I believe) soooo yeah!


Picture of my doggie Gracie :white_heart:


AHHH CONGRATS COZYY!! ofc im following!!

@artnium73 @RingoSilly @Kenziekrochet

One of my goals for this year is definitely to keep up with journaling, and my self care. Also keeping up with better routines :sparkles::ok_hand:t3:

heres one of my kitties! 🫶🏼:cat:


Already following! Some friends are @CreshesxCritters @artnium73 @cozycrochett @chunkyy @LittleCreatures and so so many more im sure im forgetting to say-
As for goals, i wanna start doing markets!
(Bonus points: my baby girl Lola <3)


Hiiii congrats on 400 followers!!! Super happy for you girlypop :))

One goal I have for this year is to become the best person I can be and to communicate better with the people around me.

To the people I am tagging: thank yall for being so awesome and so cool and supportive of my crochet journey!!

You are so cool and talented (every single one of yall)

Have a wonderful day everyone and I am so happy you got this AMAAAAAZING achievement​:wink:

With love,

Ana 🩷

Here are pictures of my Rocky rockstar:



omg congrats pookie wookie <33333333


Already following!!

Tagging tagging tagging… uhh @evalynnRose and @peachyxtulips and uh I pick some random person I follow @GamerKat

I don’t have a pet. :sob::sob: My pets are my crochetigurumi! Crochet amigurumi. Heheh

Oh and my goal!! Uhhhh…this is going to sound weird but not let myself get swept up in crocheting!! I don’t know how to say no and whenever people ask me to crochet something for them I automatically say okay. I want to stop that so I don’t get caught up in the stuff I need to make for the people I said I would make it for.


forgot my goal for this year! it’s to work more on my mental health rather than grades, ik i do kinda car abt grades but they make me more stressed lol


omg your shop’s soo cute! followed! This is my baby Lulu 🩷 @SweetTomato @Elaya @anacrochets473 @Abug1249


He or she’s a grumpy loaf


:0 that looks exactly like my kittie


AWWW x 🫶🏼