(Closed) About the limit on daily patterns

This morning (Before I got any patterns) I tried to download one. However, it said that I already had my daily pattern limit. Now, it’s letting me get patterns. Does it think that this morning was part of yesterday and this evening is the day after? So confused! Please help!


Since Ribblr has users from all over the world, they run on a 24-hour clock for most things. When it comes to due dates for tests, mine also seems to be a little off but the designers are usually a little flexible!:yellow_heart:


The daily patterns aren’t set on a day cycle.
It’s actually just 24 hours since you redeemed your first pattern I think?
It’s a little confusing at first haha! I still get confused sometimes​:sob:
Gifted patterns (like a designer giving you their pattern after you finish testing) also counts towards your free patterns!


Oh! Thanks guys. I was wondering if that was an option but not sure.