[CLOSED] Can I post modified pattern with link to original?

Hi, Ribblr!

I was working hard, trying to modify my favorite mouse pattern few last days. And I realized, that I wanna to post it, ‘cause I might want to make a second mouse with a photo. (I’m working on peach one now)

But I’m not sure, will it be fair to original author just to mention her and leave a link to original video. Pattern is free and my modification is going to be free too.

Here is original: Mouse - Christmas Amigurumi Pattern #2 - YouTube

UPD: I asked author, but they sells printed patterns, so I would not posting it.


You can only add patterns that you designed, unless you have a permission from the designer.

I suggest reaching out to them!


I always thought that’s what you’re supposed to do myself! I thought I read it somewhere on some ones blog or Etsy one day so yeah I agree…