[CLOSED!!] ester call for Crochet: Free Pattern: Low-Sew Mini Bat!!

I need testers for my Free Pattern: Low-Sew Mini Bat!! - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I need testers for my new bat pattern! It’s low-sew (only the wings require sewing) and takes around 30 minutes to work up! (Remember, the time is takes depends on the person, I work relatively fast.)

• I would like all testers to be done by Wednesday 10th January. The deadline is not strict, because it will be a free pattern, but if you do complete it late, I likely will not consider you for testing again. (If it’s a serious issue, please let me know privately!)
• I’m looking for 5-7 testers.
• Please make a journal! (and if you have an Instagram, tag me @li.lycrochets with your finished bat!)
• Be willing to interact with your fellow testees (might have made that word up) in a groupchat, on Ribblr! I would also appreciate it if you would post your pictures there too!
• Give feedback on improvements you think could be made to this pattern!
• This pattern may be hard to make with worsted weight yarn. I also do not recommend using safety eyes, but you can if you wish!

:exclamation: :exclamation: Comment this emoji “:bat:” if you want to test (along side clicking the link in this post. Please also tell me what yarn and hook size you would use!!!:exclamation::exclamation:

This pattern may be complicated for some people, hence why I want to make sure I can have testers who are willing to contribute. Testers will be chosen on Saturday 6th January! If you think that my deadline is unrealistic, please let me know. I haven’t done a tester call in a while.

Also, I apologise for poor image quality (again). The only light place I could find was my bathroom sink…

Thank you!!

  • Lily<3

Thats so cute!! Good luck with testing!


thank you!


Love it!


AWW this bat is soo adorable. Good luck with testing!


:bat::bat:thinking of using a 3.75 hook :>


So cutee :bat:, I’d use the plushy yarn 6.00 mm hook

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accepted <3

Thanks, you’re accepted <33

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New to testing, but not really sure what to do or where to start. Want to try but what does make a journal mean?

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:bat: I’d use black or dark blue fluffy yarn with rather 3,5 or 4mm hook

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When you’re on a pattern, there’s a little icon at the bottom of the “toolbar” that looks like an open book. Click on that and it allows you to insert a picture of your finished plush and write a review!

Ooh okay I think ill try

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accepted <33

I use black chenille yarn and a 5mm hook with white chenille for the eyes that I would embroider :bat:

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So interesting want to test

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