(CLOSED) Granny square vest

Hi! I’m looking for some crocheters who would like to test my next pattern for me here on ribblr, if you’re interested please fill in the form below:

Pls fill in that you came from ribblr in the last section

Granny square vest tester application form

Thanks xx


WOW! ur vest is legit so pretty and unique! the colour scheme is amazing i absolutely love it. unfortunately, i wont be able to help test it for you but i still wanted to show you some love bc im in love with that sweater and look forward to you publishing soon.


This is a beautiful vest​:pleading_face::heart: I’m a fan of all your patterns here on Ribblr!

I’d have loved to test this pattern but I don’t have IG!
But all my best wishes to you for the testing. I’ll keep my eyes out for when the pattern comes out!


Please give me a shot. I have been wanting to try a granny square vest pattern. I would love to be a tester for you. Hope you allow me to assist. I am new to Ribblr but I can read a pattern pretty well and I would love to give it a try.


id love to test!!!