(Closed) Mushroom Bucket hat

Just made a new pattern, who’s down to test?- pattern-Crochet ePattern


I would love to! Although is there a due date?


I would like to test, also when is the due date

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Due date is 2/24.

Cute! Good luck on your test!

id love to test!

This is so cute I’d love to test for you!

I’d love to test this!!! It looks so cute :mushroom:


I would 100% be interested in testing this!

absolutely love this and would love to test it! :mushroom::blush:

I would love to!

What is the due date for this? I would love to test this pattern. I’m so in love with mushroom patterns recently :mushroom::mushroom::mushroom:

I’d love to test!

I have some testers already, but i can add you! the due date is in 4 days.

I have a lot of testers, but i can add you! due date is the 24th.

I would really appreciate that :pleading_face: if I can’t get it done in time what would happen?

I’d get feedback from other testers.

Okay! I looked at the pattern and I should be able to get it done in time. How will we be able to give you feedback?

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Sounds amazing I would love to. When’s the due date?

So cute! I would like to try if possible! :blush: If not, it’s fine.